Sonica BB1 Dual Sim Mobile Phone Black

Fantastic user friendly phone.
The Sonica BB1 is an absolutely basic yet power-packed feature phone that comes at an absolutely affordable price and looks fairly trendy - a stylish and compact phone with a large 2,8-inch TFT Display Screen, and a standard Alphanumeric Non-QWERTY Keypad. The Sonica BB1 is a Dual-SIM phone that allows users to maintain two distinct GSM numbers on the same handset and maintain their personal and professional contact lists in a scrupulous manner. Also, the phone offers Multi-Language Support for enhanced functionality.
In addition, the Sonica BBD1 comes with an inbuilt 1.3MP Primary Camera that allows fuss-free capturing of decent quality shots and videos sporadically, and the camera also doubles up as a good video recorder. The Sonica BB1 comes equipped with loads of awesome multimedia attributes to keep you entertained while on the go. It comes with an inbuilt FM radio , plus an MP3/MP4 Player supporting a majority of popular audio-video formats. Lastly, the Sonica BB1 offers Bluetooth Capability for a fast and hassle-free content sharing across a wide range of compatible devices. Features FM Radio Reception Bluetooth headset support and file transfers. Game support (Snake inbuilt). Callbook support. MP3 & MP4 Playback Audio and video recording.
Languages: English, French, Russian. Hardware: Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (2G GPRS) SIM Card Slots: 2 x Standard Size (mini-SIM). Memory: 1 x Micro SD. Accepts cards up to 16 GB (for camera / MP3, not required for basic functions). Camera: 1.3MP Audio Output: Via inbuilt speaker or through USB (USB headphones included) Battery: BP-GL Battery charges through phone via USB cable (5v 1a - can be charged via any USB socket or standard wall adapter). Screen: 1.44 inch QVGA LCD, 160x128 Color: Black/Gold Included Accessories: 1 x USB Headphones 1 x  BP6L Battery 1 x USB Wall Charger 
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