LG USB Data Cable

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Manufacturer: LG
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                    The USB Data Cable CA-101  offers an easy flexible link between your mobile phone and the USB interface of your PC for successful transfer of data or multimedia applications.           


             Compatible Products N78/N79/N81/N82/N85/N86/N96/N97/N97Mini/E63/E66/ E71/E75/5130XM/5220XM/5230/5310XM/5320XM/5530XM/ 5610XM/5630XM/5730XM/5800XM/3610F/7510/6210N/6600F/ 7900P/8600L/8800A/8800C/8800S/3600S/3602S/3610S/6210S 6260S/6500S/6600S/7310S/7510S/7610S/7612S/2228/3555/ 6555/6650/2700C/3120C/6208C/6212C/6220C/6303C/6500C/ 6700C/7210C/7212C/7310C/7900C/2730C/X3/X6X     


         Minimum System Requirements: Windows 98,ME,2000,XP,Vista, Pentium 300Mhz higher CPU, 64MB RAM, 80MB Free Hard Drive Space 256 Colour VGA or SVGA monitor USB Port CD-ROM Drive     

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